Prepaid calling card for domestic and international calling destinations.  
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Bizon prepaid calling card
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Card features:

  1. Permanent PIN/ Refil PIN
  2. PIN Free Access
  3. No Connection Fee
  4. Maintenance Fee - No
  5. Rounding - 1 minute
  6. Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes (USA/Canada)
  7. Local Access Numbers - Yes (Canada)
  8. Tax - 15%
  9. Pay Phone Charge - 99c
  10. Validity period - Unlimited
  11. Prompt Languages - English
  12. Service Provider is NTC
Bizon prepaid calling card is a permanent PIN card with refill feature and PIN free access option. No Connection/No maintenance fees. The card offers very low calling rates to many countries all over the world. Enjoy high quality connection and low rates with Bizon prepaid calling card.

About US

      US Fast Com telecommunication company that specializes in domestic and international calls from USA to all countries of the world. Using services of our company you can save as much as 80% on all your international and domestic calls. We provide the most convenient and efficient way to call at the lowest rates.

      Now you can sit back, and with a few clicks of your mouse, you can clearly compare the best calling plans and prepaid rates available. Even better, you can begin making calls anywhere in the world instantly!

      We guarantee to provide our customers with the best possible quality, fast and reliable connection along with the lowest rates to most countries throughout the world using modern technological advancements. With today’s technology, we are able to immediately allow our customers the use of both domestic and international prepaid phone cards via e-mail. That means that you will receive your PIN of your choice of products purchased along with the access number to call from and all other card information as soon as your payment is approved. An e-mail confirmation of that transaction will also be sent to your e-mail.

      We have earned the reputation for providing high quality service to our customers and their needs, being rewarded by customer service awards for your quick response for delivering virtual PINs instantly, ready to use.

      Finally, our goal is to provide you with the best rates and the best service that you can simply use with one number from any phone. We are anxious to become your long distance service provider and to provide you with the very best service for many months and years to come.

Thank you for visiting our website. We look forward to serving you.


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