Prepaid calling card for domestic and international calling destinations.  
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Chopin prepaid calling card
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Card features:

  1. No Connection Fee
  2. Maintenance Fee - No
  3. Rounding - 1 second
  4. Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes
  5. Local Access Numbers - Yes
  6. Tax - No
  7. Pay Phone Charge - 99c
  8. Validity period - 3 months
  9. Prompt Languages - English, Spanish, Russian
  10. Service Provider is NTC
Chopin prepaid calling card provides high quality connection and the cheapest calling rates to multiple destinations. The card has global access numbers all over the world. You may use the card to call from Canada, UK, Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, China and other counties and enjoy the lowest long distance rates.


      Most telephone plans can be confusing and misleading. US Fast Com. offers its customers a simple alternative.We offer the lowest cost long distance service available in the US, without charging any activation or connection fees. We provide the same low rate all day, everyday!

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