Prepaid calling card for domestic and international calling destinations.  
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TravelGlobe prepaid calling card
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Card features:

  1. No Connection Fee
  2. Maintenance Fee - 69c/week
  3. Rounding - 2 minutes
  4. Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes
  5. Local Access Numbers - Yes
  6. Tax - May apply
  7. Pay Phone Charge - 99c (in US and may apply in foreign country)
  8. Validity period - 3 months
  9. Prompt Languages - English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German and others
  10. Service Provider is TRG
TravelGlobe is one of the best prepaid calling cards for calling from Foreign countries to the United States as well as from One Foreign country to Another. The lowest long distance calling rates are provided for calls all over the world! The card has a list of Global Toll Free Access numbers and a list of Local Access numbers for particular cities in many countries.

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