Prepaid calling card for domestic and international calling destinations.  
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Champion prepaid calling card
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Card features:

  1. Permanent PIN/ Refil PIN
  2. PIN Free Access
  3. No Connection Fee
  4. Maintenance Fee - No
  5. Rounding - 1 minute
  6. Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes (USA)
  7. Local Access Numbers - Yes (USA)
  8. Tax - 15%
  9. Pay Phone Charge - 89c
  10. Validity period - Unlimited
  11. Prompt Languages - English
  12. Service Provider is ACC
Champion prepaid calling card is a permanent PIN card with refill feature and PIN free access option. No Connection/No Maintenance Fees. Low calling rates to many countries with high quality connection. Local Access numbers are available in addition to Toll Free Access. Use local access numbers in your area and get the cheapest rates!

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