Prepaid calling card for domestic and international calling destinations.  
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AT&T prepaid calling card
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Card features:

  1. No Connection Fee
  2. Maintenance Fee - No
  3. Rounding - 1 minute
  4. Toll Free Access Numbers - Yes
  5. Local Access Numbers - No
  6. Tax - No
  7. Pay Phone Charge - Yes
  8. Validity period - unlimited
  9. Prompt Languages - English, Spanish
  10. Service Provider is AT&T
AT&T prepaid calling card provides the outstanding quality of connection. It can be used to call domestically and internationally. This prepaid calling card can be used to call from more than 100 foreign countries. AT&T prepaid calling card DOES NOT have connection/maintenance fees, and it never expires!

Welcome to US Fast Communication

     Welcome to US FastCom, your source for fast clear world-wide US domestic and international phone calling card. Get instant access to dialing instructions over the Web for your calling cards. Simply purchase the pre-paid amount that you desire and we will email your dialing instructions directly to you.

     We have made the process of purchasing international calling cards easy. Simply follow the three easy steps below to buy our calling card online. Buy calling cards online will e-mail you instant PINs for your prepaid calling cards in minutes.

  • Step 1: Use our convenient search box to find the best deals on prepaid calling cards.

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  • Step 2: Order the international prepaid calling cards online through our secure online ordering.
  • Step 3: Receive your pin via email and dial our toll-free number and begin placing calls.

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    Country Rates,¢/min  
    USA - Continental0.99 Buy phone cards
    Canada0.94 Buy phone cards
    India8.64 Buy phone cards
    China1.07 Buy phone cards
    Italy0.90 Buy phone cards
    Mexico5.49 Buy phone cards
    Russia - Moscow0.88 Buy phone cards
    Ukraine - Kiev6.29 Buy phone cards
    Turkmenistan - CELL11.08 Buy phone cards
    Guatemala6.90 Buy phone cards
    Zambia4.95 Buy phone cards

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    Country Rates,¢/min  
    USA - Continental1.89 Buy phone cards
    Canada0.98 Buy phone cards
    India10.70 Buy phone cards
    China1.29 Buy phone cards
    Italy1.59 Buy phone cards
    Mexico5.49 Buy phone cards
    Russia - Moscow0.98 Buy phone cards
    Ukraine - Kiev9.00 Buy phone cards
    Turkmenistan - CELL15.90 Buy phone cards
    Guatemala10.51 Buy phone cards
    Zambia6.93 Buy phone cards

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